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    September, 2017


    September 29, Michaelmas, marks the victory of the

    archangel Michael over darkness, Satan.

    The echo in us is to discern truth as best we can

    and bring strength into our actions.

    We are currently exploring the human experience of SB277,

    in order to share it with citizens in other states.

    Therefore, we are asking you to reflect on what life has been like under SB277, California's Vaccine Mandate.
    To ensure your voice is heard, we have created a survey.

    To show our gratitude, we have decided to raffle off various items from personal care to books. Thank you in advance for assisting us by offering your insights and experience! (We will of course share widely what we learn from this effort).


       We also bring more helpful hints from people 'doing it right' and an update on Science news, and Education throughout this month's newsletter. Acknowledging the North Korea threat, please read about electromagnetic pulse attack to our grid, and what you can do!

    To healthy families,

    MKSutton MD



    August, 2017


    August heat: the dry death days; 

    the life of the cowboy isn't far from our air conditioned car as we see the brown grass and feel the scorch.

    We ask what school your child is going to, and the cowboy 'try' it takes to bring about right education.

    We look at our crazy world, news on vaccines, GMOs, and 5G outside your window.

    We bring information on silica to detox aluminum as benefit for autism and dementia.

    The Miner's Prayer is an inspiration for the cowboy in each of us,

    making our way in the desert spots of life, in contact with real things like rocks and animal friends and daily reminders of our Creator.

    To healthy families,

    MKSutton MD



    July, 2017


    No longer is it enough to simply follow the doctors' and nurses' directions. Today's parents more and more must do their research, and make their own decisions.  Too often, the systems in place today do lip service to protection of our children and our health, but the child is not benefitted. Independence Day principles are put into action through individual responsibility.

    Such wonderful initiatives are happening to support parents! Here are some highlights for empowered parents to protect their children. Each of these key words has nuggets below to help you go deeper.

    •    Breastfeed    

    •    Provide Warmth   

    •    Think

    ...and Learn  

    •    Eat organic

    ...but be aware

    •    Protect your family values

    •    No cell phones near babies  

    •    Exercise choice in vaccine decisions 

    ...and stay informed regarding legislation in this area

    •    Use Non-toxic treatments

    Enjoy this issue. We are grateful to work with you. Have a safe and happy summer!

    To healthy families,

    MKSutton MD




    For this month, in honor of men and fathers, we look first at preconception care for Dads-to-be, how to understand and support them as individuals (this information is from the Medical Academy for Pediatric Special Needs Conference this spring-- thank you!); we also ask what it means to be a male today in our de-genderized and politically correct society, bringing the work of UC Davis professor Hamamoto on 'erasing instinct.'

    In keeping abreast of events in our world, a good interview link on dirty electricity is included, and a mention of a shocking e-book on just how poison our foods really are in North America.


    Kelly Sutton MD