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anthroposophic primary care

Patients interested in holistic and anthroposophic healthcare commonly seek healing rather than fixing. They are willing to take responsibility in their lives for their health, and often seek the big picture in understanding the ‘why’ of illness, sometimes through learning more about anthroposophy.
Drs. Sutton and Baer are very grateful for the opportunity to work with patients in this way.

Similarly, patients value the provider who has gone beyond conventional training to bring options, hope and a range of anthroposophic remedies and therapies.

Doll-Care We are fortunate in this community to have both patients and providers who value anthroposophic medicine and one another. There are many more people seeking what anthroposophic medicine offers, yet to be introduced. Ideally, this opportunity would be available across economic lines.

Rudolf Steiner spoke about the economic sphere of human life as ideally imbued with a spirit of brotherhood. We are not equal economically. How do I, with less, ask for help from another human being? How do I, with more, look on those who lack financial resources?

We should carry as much responsibility for our own needs as possible, recognizing that struggle strengthens us, and that we are in our particular circumstance for a reason. By contrast, if we have abundance, we can seek to be our “brother’s keeper” without enabling or creating delinquency.

In the healthcare setting a practical exercise of brotherhood in the economic sphere can be sought.

When you pay your full visit fee, you support our continuing to be here to offer anthroposophic medicine.

When you request a discount, someone else must pay the remainder to assure we continue to offer services in the community and provide a living wage to staff. Please only request a decrease in our full fee by the least amount possible.

Please consider paying more to enable us to continue to provide the reduced fee option.


new patient

  • Comprehensive exam (60 minutes) $280

Please note: At the doctor’s discretion, a new patient visit may be 30 – 45 minutes, $140 and $210 respectively)

Some appointments are charged according to the purpose of the appointment, not according to length of contact.

established patient

  • Quick peek (approx 10 minutes) $40
  • Brief (approx 15 minutes) $60
  • Limited (approx 30 minutes) $120
  • Extended (approx 45 minutes) $180
  • Comprehensive (approx 60 minutes) $240

free five-minute phone calls

Drs. Sutton and Baer provide free five-minute phone calls as follow-up after a visit, or to handle a simple request. If the phone call extends beyond the five minutes scheduled, the above fees apply.