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common reasons for coming to drs. sutton and baer:

  • Consultations in redirecting your healthcare approaches (intolerance to conventional medications, options in treatment where few options exist conventionally, rebuilding health after chronic illness or multiple medical events and medications, integrating the human soul/spirit into the experience of approaching medical care; philosophic preference for natural or anthroposophic treatment approaches)
  • Routine physical exams (well-child, school physical, sports physical, well-woman, adult annual exams) and Preventive medicine exams (assessing family history, personal history, and lifestyle for risk factors in the context of our current environment)
  • Acute illnesses (e.g., sore throat, flu, pneumonia, urinary tract infection, sinusitis, etc.)
  • Chronic illnesses (asthma, allergies, hypertension, high cholesterol and other cardiovascular risk factors, osteoporosis, arthritis, back pain, menopausal syndrome and premenstrual syndrome, skin conditions, premalignant conditions, immune support for cancer patients, mental illness and adjustment issues including learning and behavioral problems in both adults and children)
  • Vaccine medical exemption evaluation Drs. Sutton and Baer see children and adults seeking medical exemptions from vaccines, based on personal and family history of vaccine reaction, autoimmune disease, neurologic disease, and allergy. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for complete information.

hospitalization & limits of practice:

Drs. Sutton and Baer do not admit to any hospitals. The practice of hospitalists (physicians specializing only in in-patient medicine) caring for patients admitted to the hospital is increasingly common today. Drs. Sutton and Baer have an outpatient practice.

Drs. Sutton and Baer do not deliver babies, do prenatal care, or do surgery.   The office is not equipped with oxygen or suturing equipment.   Lacerations are best handled by going to the nearest urgent care facility. Acute severe chest pain, and similar crises of severe nature are best handled by calling 911 or going to the nearest emergency room.